Helpful Tips For To A Healthy Lifestyle

I know your first reaction is to say, “oh my god, there is so much to read out there and all claiming to help me with the same thing.” I felt that way too not long ago. And I know for sure the feeling you get when you lap up everything that is there on a topic like this but then you realize that it is either not working for you in the first place or the idea is so unsustainable that you get back all your shed weight in lesser time than you lost it! All I can say here is “been there, done that!” but chill!

We all need perseverance:

When we want to reduce our size and lose the weight around us, we need to persevere. It’s always easier to gain than to lose and the process of losing can be snail paced for a lot of us. And that is why we need to persevere. Initially, the result of working out and maintaining a healthy diet per se may not give out encouraging results, but I would still advise you to stick around. Don’t give up thought the pace seems extremely slow. The winning streak may be right around the corner.

The first few steps are extremely crucial:

For all of us who want to shed the extra pounds that we have piled up due to sickness, overeating, post pregnancy or living a sedentary life, the first few moments of a healthy regimen or a lifestyle change could be extremely crucial. The life changing moment is when you start realizing that a particular thing is working for you and then you want to continue it till you see encouraging signs!


Here are some of the tips that have worked for me:

1. Blame it all on sugar! Yes, it's the culprit. You need to avoid sugar completely if watching your weight is on your mine. I meant COMPLETELY. If there is a need to sweeten your dishes and beverages, I am afraid but you will have to use natural sweetener like honey. But be sure not to overdo that as well.

Switching to small is fashionable!

I mean your plate. Switch to a smaller meal plate that gives your body an illusion of having eaten enough and also being able to carry too much on your plate and consequently consuming a little too much than is actually required for your body to stay healthy and active all day.

Water – the elixir of life:

A big warm glass of water a half hour before each meal is recommended strongly so that you do not feel too hungry during meals. Drinking a full glass is like cheating your stomach to believe that it is slightly full but not without reasons. Drinking water helps hydrate your body, keeps your skin glowing and aids digestion so the metabolism is faster and you are inching towards a healthier you!

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Say no to alcohol:

I know I hate to say this but yes you will need to absolutely avoid alcohol in most forms and if that is really too much to ask for then you may need to reduce it the barest minimum.

A lot of calories is what even a small pint of alcohol carries and you don't want to add up to the cumulative calorie count so carelessly especially when you are giving up on food and also spending time exercising! .

Eating out is no-no but occasionally

If you are someone who is eating out albeit even the healthier version, you may want to stop and assess your intake. Unless the food you are eating regularly outside is steamed, naked without too much of oil and cheese and grilled, You may want to stop your food expeditions because anything that is fried, deep fried or processed outside your kitchen is done in not so good oil like you would generally use in your kitchen


The transfats can add on to the burden of building up enormous amounts of fat cells in your body which can make it extremely overwhelming to come over in the long run! There are dime a dozen healthy eating ideas and you may want to check out about a new South American fruit called Garcinia Cambogia on 80 to 85% of weight loss is scientifically caused due to positive changes in diet. Exercising of course aids the process and catalyses it. So get going on the treadmill!